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We are successfuly providing an experienced travel service for the visiting tourists.

The company has been approved and licensed by Ministry Of Tourism & Sports.For many years since the beginning, We have a lot of customers from all over theworld using our tour sevices. Moreover, we still can customize tours on your request for your own routes and programs to fit your needs and time during your holidays with reasonable prices.

"Please let us make your holidays trip full of value, sun, satisfy and safety, We are pleased to be a part of your wonderful holidays ."We always do the best for you."

Our other services are FIT, MICE, Ticketing, Transportation.STUDY TOUR CENTER is one of the leading tour operatorsin Thailand located in Bangkok.

We’ve proudly partnered with educators like you to transform the way students look at the world and themselves. That passion has grown our family-owned company into the world leader in international education with more than 1 million students experiencing our programs every year.

Thank you for inspiring the next generation of global citizens.

“ STUDY TOUR CENTER is one of the leading tour operators in Thailand located in Bangkok ”

Our philosophy lies on “One-Stop-Service”. We started our first move in Domestic market where our business success ignites. Few years later, we expand our reach to another Hall of fame for International markets both Inbound and Outbound. Our other services are FIT, MICE, Ticketing, transportation.

On all the experiences we provide for students it is our aim in to build cross cultural understanding and sustainability and instil within students a sense of global citizenship.

If done properly, an educational travel program has the potential to be a life changing, educative experiences that equip students to respond to complex situations in a manner that upholds the dignity of other. Such a program can awaken students to their global citizenship, and help instigate the life long process of understanding the complex issues of poverty and development.




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Training and Tour operator specialising in incoming travel arrangements. We offer the best solutions for every possible destination . We are able to plan your itineraryaccording to your wishes, resulting in a flexible program where your suggestions and your client’s dreams become a reality.Our working team is comprised of professional and talented travel experts who have extensive experience in travel and knowledge in a wide range of languages. Above all our travel experts’ priority is providing a high quality service for each and every customer.